Jean-Claude QUILICI

Jean-Claude Quilici was born of Corsican origin in the heart of Marseille in 1941.

Still quite young, he had an inclination towards painting and began to attend classes at the official "Ecole des Beaux-Arts" and soon afterwards, recognizing his gift for painting he was taken under the wings of the great masters of "l'Ecole de la Peinture Provencale" with whom he was to show his first paintings in his native town in 1958. Henceforth, painting became his vocation.

Between 1960 and 1971, he received numerous painting awards which further distinguished the beginning of the young artist and during this period several shows of his works were organized by several french galleries.

In 1971, the US will welcome him : Washington, New-York, Atlanta, Philadelphia, Albuquerque...and in 1973, he discovers New Mexico.
In 1980, Jean-Claude began his career in Japan: Form Tokyo to Osaka via Kobe, Shizuoka, Fukuoka, Nagano, Saporo...All this cities arranged shows of this paintings which were highly acclaimed. His prints and oil paintings have been shown permanently in Japan for the past twenty years which permitted the artist to be well known by both Japanese art collectors and patrons.

Meanwhile, Jean-Claude did not overlook or forget his French followers. His canvases deeply implanted in the mind of his French clients encouraged gallery owners to regularly show his work outside Paris : Marseille, Lyon, Bordeaux, Toulouse, Toulon, Ajaccio, Reims, Nancy, Cannes, Saint-Tropez...And of course in Paris where OPERA GALLERY exclusively devotes permanently all his most important expositions reaching both international and French clients (Numerous topics are introduced : "Mediterranean Luminosity", Portugal, Greece, Cadaques, Corsica, Provence, Pueblos indians, Corridas...)

The painter is still persuing a career abroad : United States, Singapour, Hong-Kong, Taïwan, Korea..
During his career, he was invited to create various artistic works such as the monumental fresca for the University of Corte (40 meters in length and 4 meters in height) and the one for Marseille's subway being 130 meters in length.


Jean-Claude Quilici
in his painter workroom of Maussane-les-Alpilles


Jean-Claude Quilici is painting a Pigna village view (Corsica)

1958 >
First exposition at "Péano" in Marseille

1960 >
First Price by "'Union des Arts Plastiques" in Marseille, special mention
of Jury at Grand Prix de Peinture du Festival d'Avignon
1961 > 
First Price Salon de la Mer à Marseille
1965 >
Galerie Vanel à Toulon
1967 >
Galerie Merenciano à Marseille
1968 >

Galerie du Casino à Cherbourg

1971 >
Washington Gallery of Art, Washington DC, USA
1972 >
Ligoa Duncan Gallery, New York NY, USA
Galerie Multiples à Marseille
1973 >
Capitol Art Center, Atlanta GA, USA
1974 >
Avalon Gallery of Art, Mc Lean VA, USA
1975 >
Art Circle 74, New York NY, USA
1976 >
Brandywine Galleries, Albuquerque NM, USA
1977 >
Galeries des Maîtres Contemporains, Aix en Provence
1978 >
Salle des Congrès, Ajaccio
1980 >
Galerie Lacydon, Marseille
Galerie Mazarin, Toulon
Galerie du Vent des Cimes, Grenoble
1981 >
Philotechnos Gallery, New York NY, USA
1982 >
Galerie Art Actualité, Saint-Raphaël
Galerie d'Art de la Place Beauvau, Paris
Galerie MG à Montpellier
1983 >
Country Art Gallery, locust Valley NY, USA
1984 >
Galerie Lacydon, Marseille
Galerie d'Art de la Place Beauvau "Les Peintres Provençaux", Paris
Galerie Santica, Kobé, Japon
Vision Nouvelle, Tokyo, Japon
1985 >
Gallery Radius Fine Arts, New York NY, USA
Peri Penneth Gallery, Southampton NY, USA
Galerie M.J.C, Bastia
1986 >
Tokyo, Shizuoka, Osaka, Fukuoka, Seoul
Exposition itinérante Vision Nouvelle, France
Espace Diamant, Ajaccio
1987 >
Galerie Lacydon, Marseille
Galerie Lacydon, Valence
1988 >
Galerie Mazarin, Toulon
Moving Show in 5 great cities ofJapon
organizd by " Éditions Vision Nouvelle"
Exposition Rétrospective Salle Comédia, Ville d'Aubagne
1989 >
Art Expo, Vision Nouvelle, New York NY, USA
Designer's Corner Gallery Inc., Philadelphie, USA
Galerie Salvany, Clermond-Ferrand
1990 >
Dimension Art Center, Taipei, Taiwan, Tokyo, Osaka
Exposition itinérante Vision Nouvelle, Japon
Espace Diamant, Ajaccio
Exposition Tesser Gallery, Londres, UK
1992 >
La Galerie, Ajaccio pour la parution de l'Album de Lithographies
"Amour de la Corse"
Galerie Salvany, Clermont-Ferrand
1993 >
Exposition itinérante Vision Nouvelle au Japon : Tokyo, Fukuoka...
Galerie Raugraff, Nancy
Sun Gallery, Paris : "Lumière de Méditerranée"
1994 >
Galerie Lacydon, Marseille
Sun Gallery, Paris : "Amour de la Corse"
Galerie Mazarin, Toulon
1995 >
La Galerie, Ajaccio
Sun Gallery, Paris : "Les Pueblos de la Vallée du Rio Grande"
Galerie Salvany, Clermond-Ferrand
Galerie de l'Université, Lyon
1996 >
Sun Gallery, Paris : "L'Algarve"
Galerie Mazarin, Toulon
Left Bank Art Gallery, St Simons Island, USA
1997 >
La Galerie, Ajaccio
Opéra Gallery, Singapour
Galerie Lacydon, Marseille
1998 >
Galerie Mazarin, Toulon
Galerie Le Chevalet d'Eon, Salon de Provence
1999 >
Galerie Raugraff, Nancy
Galerie Vauban, Dijon
Sun Gallery, Paris : "Corrida"
La Galerie, Ajaccio
2000 >
Galerie Antinéa, Marseille
Opera Gallery, New-York USA
2002 >
Opera Gallery, Singapour
2003 >
Opera Gallery, Paris
2004 >
Chevalier de la Legion d'Honneur
La Galerie Ajaccio
Galerie le Chevalet d'Eon, Salon de Provence
2005 >
Galerie Mazarin, Toulon
Galerie Fabien Mathieu, Toulouse
2006 >

Opera Gallery, Singapour
La Galerie Ajaccio
Galerie Lacydon, Marseille

2006 >
Galerie le Chevalet d'Eon Salon de Provence
Opera Gallery Hong-Kong


1967 André Alauzen : preface of' exposition in gallery Merenciano in Marseille.

1970 Jean Boissieu : Preface of exposition « les Alpilles », gallery Merenciano
Jean-Max Tixier : Preface of paints book « en quête de lumière ».

1985 First monography for J.C Quilici. Texts by JM Tixier, Editions Paul Tacussel.

1987 Selling new books : « La peinture en Provence »and the « dictionnaire des peintres et des sculpteurs »by 'André Alauzen - Editions Jeanne Laffitte.

1988 André Alauzen : Preface of book Homage to J.C Quilici. by Aubagne city

1990 Second monography. Preface André Parinaud Editions Vision Nouvelle

1991 Selling book : « La merveilleuse Provence des peintres », d'André Alauzen - Editions Agep.

1995 Preface of collector book : « Pueblos de la Vallée du Rio Grande », by J.M Tixier.

2001 Third monography : « Lumières du Sud » - Preface J.M Tixier – Edition Sun Gallery



1969 Creation of 5 ceramical pans for the halls of building « Méditerranée » inMarseille

1976 Shooting movie « Forms and colors in New Mexico » about work of J.C Quilici on indian Pueblos in Rio Grande. Realisation : A.Giran

1978 Creation of a 12 lithographies book : « Amour de la Provence », texte d'Edmonde Charles-Roux, Editions Plaisirs du Livre

1981 First lithography for Editor "Editions Vision Nouvelle"

1983 Making of giant wallpaints for the school and social center in Font-Colombe. painting in the subway gate "Cours Julien" in Marseille, with monumental fresca being 130 meters in length x 2meters. Creation of a wall fresca 40 meters in length and 4 meters high in 'University of Corte(Corsica).

1991 Making of a 16 lithographies book : « Les Alpilles », texts by J.M Tixier.
Editions Méditerranéenne du Prado

1992 Making of lithographies book: « Amour de la Corse », texts by Jean René Laplayne. Editions Plaisirs du Livre

1995 Selling original lithographies for the Sun Gallery in Paris.

1997 Making of and Conception of the background decor of the 'Opera « Mireille », by Charles Gounod for both opera productions in Marseille and Bordeaux.

2001 New book « Méditerranée » - 8 lithographies – Edition L'Estampe.


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