Jean-Claude Quilici - Collection Corsica

Provencal Painter, JC Quilici has Corsican roots, from Speloncato by his father, and from Corbara by his mother. He was born in Marseille, and he catched his first paintings in this city and began to be a famous painter. it is from this place he took wings and began an international career, in United States, Japon, and Paris. He is considered as one of the best painter of his generation. The Provence made him discover light, but he keeps on being amazed by Portugal, Spain and Greece..
Corsica was missing in his paintings topics. He has been dreaming of it for a long time. For the pleasure to paint landscapes which talk to his heart, but maybe more to make an homage to his parents and grand-parents.
He was imaginating a Corsican Hymne as he did in 1978, through the wonderful book « L'Amour de la Provence », edited by « Plaisir du Livre » with a foreword by Edmonde Charles-Roux. So he makes a real homage to this island of beauty.                                            Jean-René Laplayne

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