Jean-Claude Quilici - Collection Tunisia Morocco

Painting for Jean-Claude is a feast, if not a "crie de joie". With his own colors of blues, grays, ochre, he creates an enchantment. It is as if he directly dipped his brushes into light. Even his whites take on a radiating hue, a beaming tonality.
Jean-Claude reveals to us that his landscapes are not simply representations of nature. They are deeply reflective of a human context with a heavy influence of cultural and nostalgy memory. In their own words, they always narrate a story. Trees as well as boulders, villages as well as meadows, they all have a soul that observation gradually discovers. It is only a matter in knowing how to listen. With such an accomplishment, Jean-Claude climbed to the top rank among the school of his contemporary Provencal painters. If this school, which saw him evolve, remains the foundation of his works, his painting took a breath of a universal language. Today, his presence is international, be it in renowned galleries or collectors. Jean-Claude is recognized as a painter of light and that is a dedication.                              From "A propos" by Jean-René Laplayne

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