Jean-Claude Quilici - Collection Portugal Spain

For forty years, Jean-Claude Quilici has been making colors sing and looking affectionnately mediterranean architecture. The deep and transparent blue colors, the dazzling reds, this precise light which envelopps the peacefullness, but we can guess under these fresh colours the overpowering heat, are the same in our house.Therefore, writing these lines, I am staying under a "Barques de Cythere" painting, Noelle is in front of Cadaques, and the geraniums are brightening up the blue-white of shadowed walls in Mykonos, in the corsican house where I compose all my songs.
Between Painting and Music, there are some light bridges, some moments of communion, what we call in Music, the depth of sing.The light likes to travel, and Jean-Claude came with us, without being aware, since we saw his painting winking at us in Porto-Vecchio. It never left us !
                                             Yves Duteil

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